Meet our team members

Jennifer Kennedy – Team Leader, Psychic Medium, Demonology Expert, Occult Specialist

Jennifer is a psychic Pagan who has almost 40 years of experience using her and studying the occult as well as 10 years of paranormal investigation experience.  She trained in demonology under Jereme Leonard, the Cajun Demonologist (TV shows Ghosts of Morgan City and 28 Days Haunted) in 2020 and has been working demonic paranormal cases since 2018.  She is a member of the Cajun Ministry and is able to perform Deliverance.  She worked on 2 paranormal teams prior to founding Shenandoah Paranormal Watch in 2022.  She has experienced her own demonic attachment and felt a calling to become a spiritual warrior in helping others with similar experiences.  She has given occult consultation to other paranormal teams, performs cleansings, closes portals, and performs spirit crossovers in addition to deliverances.  She uses her gifts and works in the paranormal field to help people experiencing hauntings and demonic activity to find answers and peace.  Outside of her paranormal work Jennfier owns the metaphysical pop-up shop Crystal Witch Haven and attends Oregon State University as a triple major in Anthropology with an Archaeology focus, Philosophy, and History and a minor in Indigenous Studies.  She loves old buildings and enjoys gaming, gardening, singing, creating artwork, and spending time with her cats.


Cathy – Sensitive, Investigator

Born a sensitive, it was difficult for me to understand that other people could not see, hear and feel the world as I do. After being a member of two other paranormal teams, I recently felt I was ready for more involved role in using my sensitivities to help people not be afraid. A polymath and autodidact, I have never stopped learning and have rarely said “no” to a variety of experiences, a few of which the average person might find frightening. In 2012 after many years in community college, I finished my bachelors at James Madison University in Media Arts and Design – Digital Video Concentration with a specialty in audio recording. In 2020, I was finishing my second semester at Shenandoah University in psychology, criminology, and biology, when Covid put my second bachelors degree on hold. My interests include psychology, ecology, religion, philosophy, all physical sciences, acting, photography, television, film, aviation, skydiving, travel, linguistics, anthropology, and the list goes on and will grow larger. 

I will do all I can to be a part of the solution for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Kirisa – Investigator

Pic and bio coming soon!