Shenandoah Paranormal Watch (SPW) is based out of Basye, Virginia and serves Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  If you’re experiencing paranormal activity we’re here to help.  We’re experienced with all sorts of cases from classic hauntings to malevolent hauntings to those of a demonic nature.  We handle residential, business, public, and private cases and we never charge.  We are volunteers and do this to help people and to seek answers.

SPW is lead by psychic medium Jennifer Kennedy who is also an occult specialist and demonology expert who studied under Jereme Leonard and is a member of his Cajun Ministry.  We have a variety of equipment and follow a balance of belief and healthy skepticism.  

What we offer

Paranormal and Spiritual Services as well as Consultation

Paranormal investigations, Psychic Services, & Consultations
Cleansings & Crossing Over
Demonic Services & Deliverance